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Clean Projects For Quality Installers

You Focus on Install, We Focus on Sales Volume.

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Fuel Your Growth

 No Onboarding Fee
 Easy Integration
Pre-Submission Quality Control
Additional Jobs in Your Territory
Large Network of Sales Teams
Complete Job Packs 
Universalized Processes

Some of our Partners Include...

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Reduce Reliance On Inconsistent Dealers 

How It Works

Connecting Driven Sales Teams With High Grade Installers

Built-In Sales Team

Universalized Process

Traditionally, to scale your EPC operation, you must partner with more and more dealers to increase your volume. The alternate is building an internal sales team which brings on more stress and costs. With that diversification comes issues - different sales teams with different process, different communication style, different quality of work, and more. With Sunivo however, you build out one process, use one communication channel, and have one easy-to-predict sales flow.

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Clean Projects

Sunivo is not just a software, it is run by an extremely experienced team with a decade of experience in running Solar Companies and Installation Crews. Because of this industry experience, we know the importance of clean deals and are well past the "As many deals as possible" phase which often produces headaches instead of opportunities.

Sunivo's team quality checks every sale that is made before it is submitted to the project's EPC. This includes, but is not limited to, design production and offset, panel layout, finance applications, NEM documents, installation documents, property specifications, and 


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