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Pricing Plans

Plans to help you scale your operation.


Everything a Solar Pro needs to maximize results

  1 Closer Account
✔  Powerful Sales Tools
  Simple System Design
  Integrated Appointment System
  National Installer Network
✔  Easy Finance Options
  Transparent Project Tracker
✔  Extensive Solar Sales Training
  Solar Leads Marketplace

  Automated Reporting


/ Month


✔  Up to 5 Closer Accounts
  Everything in Solo Plan
✔  Team Management Tools
  Team Performance Analytics
  Team Performance Reports
  Team Leaderboards
✔  Team Building Training
  Team Recruitment Support
✔  Team Sales Support
  Solar Leads Marketplace

Tools to help you start or scale your team


/ Month


Everything you need to build a Solar Kingdom

✔  Up to 15 Closer Accounts
  Everything in Team Plan
✔  Advanced Team Tools
  Weekly Owner-Only Training
  10% Off Solar Leads
  Lower Base Pricing (Redlines)
✔  Higher Volume Bonuses
  Personalized Scale Strategies
✔  Dedicated Account Manager
  Advanced New Feature Access


/ Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Go Month-to-Month?

Yes! Your CRM License is based on a monthly-basis and our platform and Training is updated on a weekly basis.

What are your redlines?

Our redlines are different for every state and market. We operate on a "Base Price" + Volumetric Bonus model. If you'd like to discuss Redlines and get more details on our integrated Dealer Program you can schedule a strategy call after you register your CRM account.

I'm a Beginner, Is This For Me?

Absolutely! Virtual Solar Club's Tech and Training is built for both the beginner and advanced Solar Pro. Regardless of where you are in your Solar Journey, you will find value in this power Solar Sales Tool.

Can this be used for In-Home or D2D?

Of course! Our platform has all the fundamental features to sell solar whether you are selling virtually or not. However, we additionally have many virtual-specfic features that will let you make the transition seamlessly!

Do I Have to Use Your Installers?

No, Virtual Solar Club students and platform users do not need to use our installers in order to utilize our platform. However, you will always have our installers ready for you in case you want to start selling virtually into another market in which you do not have any installers in or need another option.

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