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Maximize Your Solar Marketing ROI

For Digital Marketers and Appointment Setters

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Transparent and Secure.

 Your Leads Distributed to Proven Solar Pros
 Automated and Enforced Minimum Close Rates
Large Back-End Revenue Shares
Escrow-Style Commission Payouts
Transparent Partner CRM Dashboard
Marketer Training and Support Sessions
No Minimum Volume Required

Some of our Partners...

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Connecting High-Performing Solar Pros to High-Quality Leads

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Solving Problems With Automation.

Up until now, there have been some major problems in the lead game....


Bad Closers

Inconsistent Performance

Commission Stealing

Lack of Transparency


Verified Results

Diversified Distribution

Escrow-Style Settlement

Partner Dashboard

Let's Dive Deeper...

Bad Closers 

As a lead provider, you hold major risk. You have two options - sell your leads upfront and collect an upfront retainer, or take a larger cut on the back-end. The first option is far safer, but the return on ad spend is drastically decreased. The second option is more lucrative but you're heavily relying on solar reps actually closing deals.

In Summary - of course you want to make a higher margin
, but how do you know who can actually convert your leads?

Verified Results

You no longer need to hear "Trust me Bro I'm a good closer...". Our Level-Based enrolment program requires Solar Pros to achieve a minimum amount of verified results within our platform before they enter our lead distribution system and receive your leads. All performance metrics are automatically tracked - not self-reported.

In Summary - your leads are only distributed to proven, high-performing Solar Pros.

Inconsistent Performance

Okay, so you found a closer who has had some success, but how do you know they will provide consistent results over time? Let's be honest, sales is hard. It is extremely rare to find a Solar Pro who can stay locked in for any amount of time, provide consistent results, and get you a healthy return on your leads week after week.

In Summary - you're relying on your Solar Pros to have God-Like consistency for you to profit and that's just not realistic.

Diversified Distribution

Our Lead Distribution system and Performance Enforcements operate dynamically on a week by week basis. In simple terms - only Solar Pros who maintain their results week by week remain in the Lead Distribution pool. Additionally, your leads are distributed across many Solar Pros who maintain these results - not just one.

In Summary - your leads are being delivered to Solar Pros who are producing at a high level 24/7. When their results drop, they stop getting your leads automatically.

Commission Stealing

Yep. Not only is this a thing, it's common. As a lead provider you have completely zero control over the money when the job gets installed and paid out to the Solar Pro. You are completely relying on the Solar Pro to be honest, let you know when leads are sold and installed, and not ghost you when it comes to payment.

In Summary - even if you and the Solar Pro do your jobs, you are still at the mercy of the Solar Pro when it comes to payment.

Escrow-Style Settlement

Sunivo handles fulfillment and settlement. Because of this, the Solar Pro never touches your money. Instead, when the job is settled, Sunivo acts as an escrow and distributes funds where they need to go. Commissions are paid out to you and the Solar Pro separately. In addition, you will have a Partner Dashboard to have full transparency of the status of every single lead you submit.

In Summary - you will have full transparency of every lead and your back-end commission is guaranteed.

Lack of Transparency

Solar Pros often don't keep track of their analytics or appointment outcomes in any meaningful way, and those that do rarely want to give you access to their CRM so you can verify results! This is not good for marketers that heavily rely on data for both increasing their ad performance as well as verifying that what the Solar Pro is saying about their leads is true or whether they just don't know how to sell.

In Summary - you're left in the dark a majority of the time and when the Solar Pro says "Your leads are trash!" you can't prove them wrong.

Partner Dashboard

Using Sunivo's Partner Dashboard you will be able to tracevery lead or appointment that you have submitted, regardless of which Solar Pro they were distributed to. This includes Lead/Appointment stage, appointment date, outcome status, installation status, installation date, and more. Remember - this data is automatically generated in Sunivo it is not self-reported by Solar Pros.

In Summary - you have a master CRM which automatically tracks the data of the leads and appointments you generate.

Full Transparency and Risk-Free Settlements

How It Works

Data-Driven, Performance-Based Lead Distribution

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You Generate Leads

You run ad campaigns on any platform(s) you want or book appointments yourself or with your callcenter. That lead data is then automatically sent to our distribution endpoint. The Solar Pros your leads will be distributed to will have enforced, consistent minimum performance - that means you can calculate ROI very accurately and consistently.

Leads Are Distributed

Our Lead Distribution system automatically distributes those leads to Solar Pros who have achieved a verified level of performance over a specific period of time. Track every lead you submit in your Partner Dashboard within Sunivo.

Lead outcomes are not self-reported from Solar Pros, they are automatically tracked inside the Sunivo system. Our data-driven analytics put your leads in front of the best Solar Pros.

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Performance Is Enforced

Not only do Solar Pros need to achieve a historical level of performance on Sunivo to start receiving leads, they must continue to maintain performance on a weekly and monthly basis to stay in our lead distribution system.

Sunivo automatically tracks everything from Booking Rate, Show Rate, Cancel Rate, Close Rate, and Much More. Your leads are only ever distributed to Solar Pros who are maintaining minimum performance metrics which all but eliminates your risk of not getting conversions.

Commissions Are Paid

After a job is installed, Sunivo acts as an escrow between the Solar Pro and the Lead Provider. Sunivo controls the settlement, not the Solar Pro.

Each party is paid out separately and at no point along the line does the Solar Pro touch your money. This eliminates the risk of a Solar Pro stealing your quality leads, taking your money, and not paying your cut on the back end.

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